Be of service by helping us promote the City Drink Specials happy hours and drink savings map to the state on the go. Say you are at the game or the Nascar races and you simply put one of our hats on backward so fans behind you know where to go next. It works like that for us, and we say thanks to our new Mountain Blueberry App. Our merchandising collection is made of the City Drink Specials Logo Hat, Dinner Plate, T-shirt, Beer Glass, Coffee Cup, and Beer Stein. The t-shirt is pressed with a logo on the front and a graphic solution has not yet been thought of yet, so hold off on the glorified t-shirts and settle for only the logos.



This white City Drink Specials logo hat is great for nights out on the town after fun sun-drenched weekends at the beach riding your boogie board. $15



This dinner plate’s favorite meal to serve is the authentic German Jagerschnitzel made with pork, red cabbage, mushrooms, noodles, potatoes, and sauce. $20



The mens and women’s white t-shirts display logos on the front. The future t-shirts will have a very interesting and creative solution on the back. $15


Beer Glass

Feel good and stuffed with a couple of delicious beers of your unique choice. Great for accompanying appetizing outdoor summer meals. $15


Coffee Cup

This cup strongly excepts a little instant Chock Full O Nuts with a bit of milk and sugar. This City Drink Specials logo cup guarantees deliciousness. $20


Beer Stein

Help promote the City Drink Specials brand by displaying the Beer Stein with the eagle logo etched into the glass at or on your bar this Holiday Season. $40